Creative Commons launches new CC Zero License

May, Shag, and I went to the Creative Commons 5-Year Birthday Party and got to hear Lawrence Lessig announce a new CC License, CC Zero. Licensing a work under CC0 is similar to placing it in the Public Domain, but CC0 is meant to work better internationally. Did you know Germany (and maybe other EU countries) don’t allow authors to dedicate their own works into the public domain? I’m glad smart people are working on this problem!

The CC 5-Year party was cool, but the sound system was turned down so low that it was hard to hear Lessig and Gilberto Gil. Fortunately, DJ Spooky turned up the sound for his set, but that caused others to complain that they could no longer talk over the music.

Here’s the press release and wiki page for CC0 (where I got the CC0 image above). The tool to generate the CC0 machine-readable license should be available on Jan 15.

Lawrence Lessig’s blog has a list of the amazing number of announcements at the CC 5-Year party.