You Need to Get This Done Right Now!

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Over at 43 Folders today there is fantastic post about how to prioritize all the crap going on in your life without getting stressed out. This is the core of the GTD philosphy and if you don’t feel like reading the book, at least read this post. Dig on this quote ….

Let’s look at a few challenges that, over the past six months, have faced a notional Worker Bee, leading him to generate high-priority tasks.

  • You learn you got a citation from those choads in the Homeowner’s Association, and they declare that if you don’t remove that El Camino from your front yard today, they’ll start fining you $200 a day.
  • Your favorite client emailed you a freakin’ week ago, and you still haven’t responded. You fear that your relationship will be permanently damaged if you don’t respond this morning.
  • Your bank account is overdrawn and you have to make a deposit or else the late fees and penalties will go up and up and up.
  • Your sister leaves a voicemail saying that if you don’t pick up the crap you left in her garage, she’s throwing it out tomorrow. Your Boba Fett action figure and Dungeon Master’s Guide are in that garage, and you can’t bear the thought of losing them.

What to do? What to do?

Link to “Priorities Don’t Exist In a Vacuum”