How Americans hear Indian accents

This guy apparently made a PBX application to trap telemarketers and posted an audio file that he claimed was an Indian telemarketer interacting with his system. The thing is, the person playing the telemarketer has a horrible Apu-style accent that is quite obviously fake. Maybe it only sounds fake to a macaca, because it’s being linked to as real by Boing Boing, Waxy, Daring Fireball, Coudal Partners, and it’s got 2800 diggs. Can’t blame ‘em though, all those injuns look sound alike!

Addendum: the original post has been updated to clairfy that the audio clip isn’t real. I was surprised how many people couldn’t tell. The story now has 3000+ diggs, with comments from diggers like “All you people who say it sounds like a fake accent have obviously never spoken to Dell customer support. I’ve talked to guys that sound just like that.” Meh.. Let’s go to brunch!