Knee Research

After riding my new bike a little bit I felt a teeny tiny bit of knee pain. It’s built up now to what I would call “moderate, chronic pain” and since that freaks me out I’m trying to learn more about it.

First off my bike seat was too low so I got that adjusted. Make sure your bike fits people! I haven’t ever paid attention to this kind of thing in the past (I just adjusted my bike myself until it “felt right”) but I guess it’s pretty important. Getting all the measurements right is pretty hard and reason enough to buy your bike at bike store with good service that knows how to do the fitting. I’ll be sure to get properly fitted for bikes in the future. A quick shout out to the Pacific Bicycle Super Store at 4th and Folsom in SF. They are awesome.

Then there is the actual pain itself. I find the medical system to be phenominally unhelpful for these kinds of problems. If I say “my knee kinda hurts all the time.” I find I rarely get resolution. It’s a major problem though….even though my body is 99.99% functional my day to day life is about 75% OK and 25% Sucky. For example, a couple months ago I exacerbated my tendonitis for a Slide release and I was suprised at how depressing it was to have that constant, gnawing forearm pain….

I read a description of Iliotibial Band Syndrome and it sounds pretty familiar:

The symptoms of ITB syndrome commonly begin with pain over the outside of the knee, just above the knee joint. Tenderness in this area is usually worse after activity. As the bursitis grows worse, pain may radiate up the side of the thigh and down the side of the leg. Patients sometimes report a snapping or popping sensation on the outside of the knee.

I feel that snapping and popping sensation :-(

But I could also have Runners Knee.

The resident triathlete at work says I should ice it. I’m also taking ibuprofen, staying of the bike, trying to minimize walking and standing, and thinking about doing some quadriceps exercises at the gym. I’m sure I will be better in a few days but just a little reminder to stay healthy!

Link to IBS page at Montana Spine Center.