Whither spidermonkey?

A current project of mine involves some JavaScript hacking. Every time I deal with JavaScript I lament its lack of distribution as a programming language platform. A listing of debian packages for keyword “lisp” (yes, lisp!!!) gets 283 hits on debian/intel, and 22 hits on fink. A listing of debian pages for keyword “javascript” gets 58 hits on debian/intel and 4 on fink (and none of the fink hits appear to be programming packages).

Is everyone just using js.jar now from the rhino project? I wish spidermonkey was more popular in it’s own right. But for years now the spidermonkey page has said the same thing: “The core SpiderMonkey engine can be found in mozilla/js/src. The stand alone interpreter can be built using Makefile.ref”.

Hey guys, make a debian package already!

Link to SpiderMonkey project page.