childhood memories


This comic reminds me of the time I was about 3 or 4 and my babysitter asked me if I wanted to go to a party.

“OOOH YEAH!!” I replied “lemme go put on my dress!”

She looked at me sort of funny and then rolled her eyes as if to say, “whatever, kid…you’re weird.”

So I went to my room and put on a fluffy party dress – not sure why I had to go looking like a bon-bon, but I’d been cooped up inside all day so I was super excited and came out all ready for cake, balloons, games, and happy party goodness.

“Are you ready?” my babysitter asked impatiently.
“Yep, all ready.” I said, preening myself.

Then she took me by the hand, walked down the hall, and lead me to the bathroom.

“Tell me when you’re done so I can wipe your butt,” she said.

Apparently, she had asked me if I wanted to go potty.

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